Everything we do is voluntary. This means we receive no income or salary. Right now we describe ourselves as “Missionaries in Training”. This of course hasn’t excused us from staying busy as well as studying.

We are living simply by faith.

To do this first and foremost we need your prayers. Knowing you are praying for us and remembering us is what keeps us going. It shows us that we are not alone in this but we are going out with God and you by our side. If you would like to be on our prayer update list/newsletter list then click here. We send out an update about once a month and really value you taking the 5 minutes to read our update and pray for us.

We also need money to do what we do. Money does not make the world go round but unfortunately it is what is used to pay for food and accomadation. By supporting us finacially you are investing in our calling, in our vision, in God’s Kingdom. You are helping us respond to where God is calling us.

If you are interested in making just a one off gift towards something specific to help us through school, such as buying us a book or helping with laptop payments then check out our registry here.

We believe that God is holding us in His hands and is the provider of everything. Every bit of money or food or shelter we recieve we acknolwdge that it was a gift from God to be used for His Kingdom. We are just stewards of what He has given us.

All donations made from the United States can be made tax deductable, if this applies to you please get in touch.
Donations made from the UK we can recieve Gift Aid on which is an extra 25% to your donation.

Updated 21st July 2013


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